What is Engine Overhaul? | What are the signs of Engine Overhaul?

The engine is known as the heart of the vehicle. During the engine operation, it generates extreme heat. Therefore, engine parts need to bear extreme heat, wear and tear due to that they damage. As the engine parts damage, we need engine overhauling. Most commonly, the engine overhaul performs when the car engine parts have some severe problems. The engine overhaul of your car has the ability to restore the dead engine.

What is an Engine Overhaul?

An engine overhaul is a process of removing, stripping, checkup, cleaning, and repairing the faulty internal parts of the engine.  

 In the overhauling process, the technician removes the engine parts and then inspects the parts to find the problem. For example, if your engine piston, head gasket, camshaft, crankshaft, connecting rod, or bearing has been damaged, the technician repairs it.

 For example, if your engine piston, head gasket, camshaft, crankshaft, connecting rod, or bearing has been damaged, the technician repairs it.

During this process, the mechanic also cleans the engine surface and its components to remove the collection of carbon that may reduce engine efficiency. 

Engine Overhaul

Following are the major issues that may need an engine overhaul: 

  1. Reduction in the engine efficiency
  2. Damaged or failed engine parts
  3. Leaky or cracked engine parts
  4. A quick reduction in the oil or coolant level
  5. Engine overheating
  6. Leaky head gasket

One of the major advantages of overhaul is that it increases the service life and performance of the engine.

Symptoms of engine overhaul

Following are the most common symptoms of engine overhaul:

1) White Exhaust Smoke

As the engine oil or coolant enters the cylinder, it mixes and burns with the air-fuel mixture, due to that engine emits white smoke from the vehicle tailpipe. This white smoke indicates that your vehicle has a damaged gasket or piston ring.

As you continuously observe the white smoke, drive your vehicle to a mechanic and ask for the engine overhaul. However, do not confuse it with the white smoke that the vehicle emits at the initial start-up.   

2) High Oil Consumption

One of the major symptoms that your car engine requires an overhaul is extreme oil consumption. If your engine oil level goes down very quickly or the low oil pressure warning light comes on, it means that your engine has a leaky or damaged part. A damaged head gasket, hoses, or piston ring can cause a quick reduction in the engine oil level.

3) Engine Overheating

Engine overheating means that your cooling system is not working properly. And engine most commonly overheats due to a faulty water pump, leaky hoses, and leaky radiator. It may also cause due to leaky head gaskets.

As the head gasket leaks, the engine oil starts burning into the combustion chamber, which leads to many mechanical problems.

The car dashboard also has a temperature gauge that indicates the engine temperature. If this gauge goes into the red zone, you need to contact a mechanic for the engine overhauling.

4) Black Exhaust Smoke

The engine emits black smoke due to carbon deposits on the intake valve and piston. Constant emission of black smoke usually indicates that the engine needs an overhaul. It generates problems in the air-fuel mixture combustion. As a result, engine performance and fuel efficiency are reduced.

During the combustion process, especially when accelerating the vehicle, this carbon escapes from the exhaust gases in the form of black smoke. This built-up of carbon can lead to severe damage to the engine.

5) Reduction in Engine Performance

Engine misfiring issues occur when the air/fuel ratio in the engine cylinders is incorrect or when the spark plug doesn’t properly ignite the air/fuel mixture. The engine misfiring reduces the acceleration of the vehicle and reduces engine performance. If the cause of the problem is a worn spark plug, it can be easily replaced. However, a worn piston or piston ring can also lead to engine misfiring, which requires an engine overhaul.

6) Strange Noises from the Engine

A strange engine noise usually means that your engine has a broken, cracked, loose, or worn part. The knocking noise may represent that there is excessive clearance between the piston rod and the crankshaft or that there is a problem with the valve train. This unpleasant noise may also cause due to a damaged piston ring. If the engine makes unusual noises, it is recommended to consult a professional.

7) Coolant Level

A quick reduction in the coolant level is a clear sign that your engine has a leaky part and it needs an overhaul. The leaky head gasket, damaged piston ring, or cracked engine cylinder may lead to a quick reduction of the coolant level.

Causes of Engine Overhaul

Following are the causes of engine overhauling:

  1. Overheating
  2. Leaked Hoses
  3. Abnormal Combustion
  4. Worn Piston or Piston Ring

1) Overheating

The engine overheats when the cooling system doesn’t properly cool the engine. The engine overheats due to a faulty radiator, faulty water pump, cracked cylinder or blown head gasket. The overheating badly harm the parts of the engine and reduce the engine performance.

Solution: Ensure the proper maintenance of the engine parts and timely change the parts. 

2) Leaked Hoses

Leaky hoses are one of the major causes of engine overhaul. The hoses connect the water pump to the engine and the engine to the radiator. The coolant circulates inside the hoses. The hoses are responsible to properly circulating the coolant. As the hoses damage or leak, they can’t properly circulate the coolant, which leads to engine overheating. 

Solution: Properly maintain the hose and immediately replace the leaked or damaged hoses. 

3) Abnormal Combustion

Abnormal combustion in the engine combustion chamber can generate unnecessary heat and pressure in the combustion chamber, which can crack the engine block or other internal parts.

Due to abnormal combustion, the vehicle may also generate knocking noise. This is usually caused by a malfunction in the exhaust gas recirculation system. This system guarantees the correct air-fuel mixture. But fuel with a low octane number, high engine operating temperatures, incorrect spark plugs or poor ignition timing can also cause this condition.

4) Worn Piston or Piston Ring

The worn or damaged piston ring is a major cause of engine overhaul. The worn piston ring may also cause of oil leak into the combustion chamber. 

Solution: Replace the worn piston or piston ring.

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