What is P0011 Code? | What are causes of P0011?

The efficient working of the vehicle is very important for a comfortable journey. The vehicle contains different trouble codes, and P0011 is one of them. The P0011 trouble code shows a problem with your car. There are multiple causes of the DTC P0011. This article explains the symptoms, causes, and some other aspects of the P0011 code.

P0011 Code Definition

P0011 is the trouble code for “Camshaft Position A – Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1).”

What does the P0011 code mean?

P0011 is a trouble code indicating that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has sensed a discrepancy between the actual camshaft position angle and the required camshaft position angle. This situation may occur during retarding or advancing of the camshaft timing.

Code P0011

Different manufacturers explain the P0011 code in different ways. For example,

  • P0011 Hyundai – “Blink Code: 3,0 Open circuit to the Front right inlet valve.”
  • P0011 Audi – Bank 1: Camshaft A (Intake): Retard Setpoint Not Reached (Over-Advanced)
  • P0011 Generic – Camshaft Position ‘A’ Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance Bank 1
  • P0011 Peugeot – Bank 1: Camshaft A (Intake): Retard Setpoint Not Reached (Over-Advanced)
  • P0011 Kia – “Blink Code: 3,0 Open circuit to the Front right inlet valve.”
  • P0011 Chevy – Intake Valve Timing Control Performance Bank 1
  • P0011 Nissan – Intake Camshaft Position System Performance

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P0011 Code

Following are the most common mistakes that an expert may make while diagnosing the P0011 code:

  1. First of all, always visually inspect the common problems, such as: checking the wiring and connection of the parts.
  2. Ensure the sufficient oil level in the car.
  3. Ensure regular maintenance of the vehicle.
  4. Make sure the engine oil is full, clean, and of the correct viscosity.
  5. Inspect, register, and remove error codes. Perform additional tests to verify the returned code before the test completes.
  6. You must follow the manufacturer’s exact testing procedure step-by-step without skipping steps to avoid misdiagnosis and proper component replacement.
  7. Don’t replace sensors or parts unless testing reveals a problem.
  8. Don’t use the wrong tools to inspect the defective parts.

How serious is the P0011 code?

  1. In the case of P0011, your car engine may have tough starting, stalling, running erratically, or idling issues.
  2. Your engine may start to consume more fuel than usual.
  3. Carbon deposits in the engine can foul different parts of the engine.
  4. If you don’t fix the code immediately, it may lead to complete failure of the engine or an expansive repair.

Symptoms of P0011 Code

When the car detects the P0011 code, it gives one of the below-given symptoms: 

  • Check engine light: The check engine light illumination is one of the main symptoms of the P0011. The check engine light may illuminate due to multiple reasons, and P0011 is one of them. It is connected to the PCM of your vehicle. When the PCM observes any problem with your vehicle, it sends a signal to the check engine light, which starts illuminating.
  • Hard Engine Starting: The car engine doesn’t start, or difficult to start
  • Poor Engine Performance: A reduction in engine performance.
  • High fuel consumption: You will notice a poor fuel economy. The engine starts consuming more fuel than usual.
  • Rattling Noise: Rattling noises coming from the engine is a clear sign of the P0011 code.
  • Engine Stalling: The engine may stall due to multiple reasons. However, the engine may start stalling or hesitating due to P0011.
  • Emission Test Failure: In the case of the P0011 trouble code, the exhaust emission rate may increase. Perform an emission test. A failed test is one of the common signs of P0011.
  • Noise: Excessive noise coming from the timing chain.

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Causes of P0011 Code

  • The CMS position sensor and CSK position sensor have indicated the camshaft is more advanced than the ECM recommended position.
  • Insufficient or low-viscosity engine oil
  • Bad camshaft actuator (aka phaser)
  • Bad VVT solenoid or oil control valve
  • Inadequate oil supply to the camshaft-phasers
  • Bad crank sensor
  • Overextended timing belt
  • Engine overheating
  • Bad mechanical oil system.
  • Bad crankshaft or camshaft reflector wheel
  • Inconsistent signals from the crankshaft and camshaft sensors to PCM.
  • Damaged or faulty variable valve timing (VVT) actuator (a.k.a. phaser)
  • Dirty engine oil.
  • Insufficient engine oil
  • Damaged PCM
  • Loose connections or wiring

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What repairs can fix the P0011 code?

  • First of all, reset the error code and then perform a road test.
  • Change the tone ring of the camshaft or crankshaft. 
  • Inspect the engine oil and add more oil if it is lower than the desired level.
  • Change the engine oil
  • Replace the camshaft position or crankshaft position sensor
  • Check the oil filter and replace it if it is damaged.
  • Replace the camshaft OCV for bank 1 intake camshaft.
  • Replace or repair the wiring to the camshaft OCV for bank 1 intake camshaft.
  • Replace the timing belt or timing chain
  • Check the timing chain alignment for jumped timing issues

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Tools required to Fix the P0011 Code

To fix the P0011, you need the following tools:

  1. Basic hand tools
  2. An oscillator
  3. Service manual
  4. OBD2 scanner

How to Fix and Repair P0011

Follow the below-given steps to fix the P0011 trouble code:

  • Use an OBD2 scanner to scan other available codes. Most vehicles also have P0016, P0012, Poo13, and P0017 codes, along with P0011. If you see these codes, you can easily find the main issue. Make sure the Check Engine Light is turned off.
  • Inspect the oil level. Your vehicle must have sufficient oil. It must be clean with sufficient viscosity. If your vehicle oil is old, then replace it.
  • Remove the engine compartment and inspect the camshaft. Follow the instructions written in the vehicle manual.
  • Check the wiring, connector, and sensor for any damage.
  • Inspect the oil control valve. If it is damaged, then repair or replace it.
  • Inspect the oil filters. The oil filter plays a big role in the oil supply. It cleans the oil and removes the solid contamination. If your oil filter is damaged, then replace it. If it is clogged, then clean it properly.
  • The P0011 code may also occur due to the misalignment of the timing chain. If it is misaligned, then properly realign it. If your car timing chain is damaged or stretched, replace it.
  • Again, scan to check whether either the P0011 trouble code is removed or not.
  • If your car is still showing the P0011 code, then drive your vehicle to the professional.

FAQ Section

What is the definition of the P0011 code?

Camshaft Position “A” – Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1).

What are the signs of P0011?

  1. Emission Test Failure
  2. Check engine light
  3. Engine Stalling
  4. Hard Engine Starting
  5. Rattling Noise
  6. High fuel consumption

What does P0011 Nissan mean?

The P0011 Nissan shows Intake Camshaft Position System Performance.

How much does it cost to fix code P0011?

The cost to fix the P0011 varies according to the nature of the problem and labor cost. The average repair cost of P0011 is from  $35 to $2100.

Can low oil pressure cause P0011?

Yes, low oil pressure or dirty oil may cause the P0011 code. The engines with a timing chain always need a regular oil supply to properly lubricate the chain. The vehicle camshaft requires sufficient oil pressure to work efficiently. Therefore, you must inspect your car oil before driving.

Can a bad oil filter cause P0011?

Yes, a faulty or damaged oil filter may lead to P0011. The oil filter removes the oil debris and ensures the proper supply of clean oil. When your oil filter goes bad or clogged, it doesn’t properly supply oil to the camshaft, which may cause P0011.

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