Code P1604 Toyota | What is Startability Malfunction P1604?

In modern automobiles, the PCM plays a very important role in the performance of the vehicle engine. It controls the functionality of different sensors and parts of the engine. When PCM detects a fault, it triggers the fault code and alerts the driver about the problem. Similarly, when your engine doesn’t start, the PCM activates the P1604. P1604 is the most common fault code in cars, mostly Toyota cars. This article mainly explains the symptom and causes of the P1604 trouble code.  

What does the P1604 Code Mean?

The trouble code P1604 is stored if the engine does not start or continues to crank without starting for a certain period of time. The trouble code P1604 is also stored if the vehicle has run out of fuel. Before performing this inspection, it is necessary to check whether there is enough fuel in the fuel tank.

P1604 code

Symptoms of P1604 Code

When the car has a P1604 code, it produces one of the below-given symptoms to alert the driver about the problem:  

  1. Check engine light comes on
  2. Poor fuel economy
  3. Engine stalling
  4. Car not starting
  5. Misfiring
  6. Engine performance issues

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Causes of Code P1604

  1. Low Battery charge
  2. Starting system
  3. Low-quality fuel
  4. Clogged Fuel filter
  5. Faulty Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
  6. Dirty or Fouled spark plugs 
  7. The IPC’s electrical circuits may have been damaged on their cables

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How to fix the P1604?

  1. Visually inspect the related wiring harness and connectors.
  2. With the help of electrical diagrams, locate all the wiring in the instrument panel. Look for corrosion or burn damage.
  3. Check for damaged components.
  4. Inspect the bent, broken, pushed-out, or corroded connector’s pins.
  5. Measure the voltage of the circuit that the IPC controls and verify that these readings match those specified by the manufacturer. If some conditions have been detected that cause a short, make repairs.
  6. Inspect the fuel quality. If your fuel is old, then replace it.
  7. Inspect the fuel filters and clean them if needed.
  8. Inspect the PCM and replace it if needed

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P1604 Code

Following are the most common mistakes that an expert may make while diagnosing the P1604 code:

  1. Always visually inspect the common problems, such as: checking the wiring and connection of the parts.
  2. Ensure the sufficient fuel level in the car.
  3. Don’t use the wrong tools to inspect the defective parts.
  4. Ensure regular maintenance of the vehicle.
  5. Make sure the engine fuel is full, clean, and high quality.
  6. Inspect, register, and remove error codes. Perform additional tests to verify the returned code before the test completes.
  7. You must follow the manufacturer’s exact testing procedure step-by-step without skipping steps to avoid misdiagnosis and proper component replacement.

FAQ Section

What is a Startability malfunction?

The P1604 Startability Malfunction is stored if the engine does not start or continues to crank without starting for a certain period of time. This DTC is also stored if the vehicle has run out of fuel. 

What is the repair cost of the P1604 Code?

The repair or fixing cost of the P1604 varies according to the vehicle model, type of engine, and labor cost. The average repair cost of the P1604 code is from $70 to 160 per hour.

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