Mega Millions jackpot

Imagine a future where you forget how to cut grocery store trips, hire a full-time cook, never do your own laundry, and have a driver.

One of the lucky ones may win the current Mega Millions jackpot of $1.025 billion on Friday.

Mega Millions jackpot- Friday

Mega Millions History

This prize of the winner lottery will be the 3rd largest in Mega Millions history. Obviously, there are taxes which means a lot less cash, but still, you will get a lot of money.

Here are 18 methods one blessed winner can live a luxurious life in the realm of fantasy for a long time:

Mega Millions jackpot- luxurious life

1) Purchase a yacht, but affordable. 2)  If you want to buy a sports team, then buy it. 3) Enjoy the summer in southern France and eat out for every meal for a short time.

4) Purchase a Rolex. 5) Purchase good art. 6) Purchase beautiful jewelry. 7) Looks expensive and not showy.

8) Go to Hollywood and pay cash. 9) Disappearance. There is no more news. 10) Fly on private jets, but offset carbon emissions. 11) Live on a farm in Ireland.

12) Hire a bodyguard. 13) Get a house in the West Village, New York. 14) Find someone to rub you. 15) Buy $300 face cream and use a few drops every night.  16) Don't do everything in one day.

17) Buy some animals. 18) Donate most of your money to good causes. 19) Buy young blood for plasma and insert it to slow down the old procedure.