Alibaba Company

According to Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, it would work to keep its Hong Kong listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

This decision was taken after the US administration laid the Chinese e-commerce giant on a de-listing watch list.

Alibaba- New York

After falling 11.1% shares in New York on Friday, Alibaba closed almost 3.8% in the largely flat Hong Kong market.

On Friday, the company converted into the newest among more than 270 companies on the United States Securities and Exchange Commission's list of Chinese firms.

Alibaba- Chinese Companies

The Holding Foreign Corporations Accountable Act is designed to resolve a long-standing controversy over audit compliance of US-listed Chinese companies.

America wants to expel outside companies from United States stock exchanges if they fail to meet the US auditing standards for 3 continuous years.

Alibaba- America

Alibaba- Inclusion

On Monday, Alibaba said that inclusion on the list means this year will be believed the first 'non-inspection' year.

United States regulators demand that China-based Chinese companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange give full access to audit documentation.

Alibaba- United States

The American regulations allow Chinese companies to meet audit obligations before 2024, but Congress is considering a bilateral bill that would extend the time frame to 2023.