The legal team of Amber Heard has started dismissing a defamation lawsuit against Heard thrown out.

Amber Heard

At the start of this year, Heard met her ex-husband in a tense 6 weeks process.

Amber Heard- ex-husband

Amber Heard- Depp

Last month, Depp and his ex-wife Heard were noticed accountable for each other's defamation cases, but the judge gave Heard only $2 million while $15 million to Johnny Depp.

On June 26, 2022, the Heard attorney announced his interest in appealing, and on Friday, he filed a 43-page filing claiming the verdict didn’t contain evidences support.

Amber Heard- attorney

Attorney also claimed that her ex-husband and his lawyers didn’t provide any real financial or reputational damage based on Heard's Washington Post editorial published in the Virginia Case Center.

Her lawyers argued that Depp failed to provide legal demands to prove real malice, as evidence supports Heard’s credence that Depp was a "victim of abuse at the hands of Mr. Depp."

Heard- evidence

Amber Heard- Johnny Depp

In June 2022, Johnny Depp received over $10 million for his damage, but Heard told that she couldn't pay them.

Heard’s lawyers demanded the court investigate the difference and state that if the person wasn’t identical to the person on the list, then the due process of Heard was fixed.

Amber Heard- Court