Robert Isom, CEO of American Airlines, reported on Thursday that according to the new contract, the airline has proposed pilots a pay rise totaling about 17%.

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Robert Isom added more that the offer would increase the salaries of American pilots to the level set in the interim agreement between United Airlines and its pilots.

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In a video mailed to the pilot, Isom said that the airline employees “will be paid well, and paid competitively, no matter what.”

However, this deal needs a vote by United Pilots, which will end in the mid of July, and it's unclear if there's enough support to see it through.

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At the start of June, Isom told American Airlines would create a fresh proposal for approximately 15k pilots as facts of the United's agreement were announced.

The offer calls for a six percent salary increase upon signing, followed by a five percent salary increase in 2023 and early 2024.

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American has proposed another training pay increase and is redistributing a 50 percent bonus involving reserve staff, Isom said.

He said, "Getting a deal done quickly will help strengthen our training program and ensure we can continue to grow."

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At the start of this week, American Airlines regional carrier Envoy Air said that pilots could get three-time more salaries for choosing up open trips in July.