The life cycle of the lithium-ion battery in the Android phone is very limited. Overcharging and overheating may reduce the life of the battery.

Android Phone's Battery

You can't avoid it, but you can observe the drop and keep your Android battery healthier for a long time.

Android Phone's Battery- Healthier

Methods to Check Android Battery Health

Following are the best methods to check the battery health of the Android phone.

Get an android test menu with battery information by dialing the below code. 1) Open your dialer app and enter the *#*#4636#*#*  2) Press * key to open Android test menu.

Battery Health Check Code

3) When the menu shows battery information, touch it to view the battery health. In many cases, dialing a code may return nothing. In this case, you need to download the battery app.

Check the Android battery health by using the following app: 1) Download the Battery Guru app and open it. 2) Click the arrow button to navigate.

Battery Health App

3) Finally, you may be asked to customize application. Click Floating Calibrate button. 4) Find shield icon and click it. 5) A percentage and a green bar show the present capacity of the battery.

To check the Samsung phone battery health, open the Samsung Members app and check the battery health. If you don't have a Samsung Members app yet, download and open it.

Samsung Phone Battery Health

1) Go to Help > Phone Maintenance > Interactive Check > Battery. 2) The app shows whether the battery status is bad or good next to the life cycle.