Artemis 1 Moon Rocket- NASA 

After a successful Wet Dress Rehearsal (WDR), NASA prepared an ambitious launch target for the Artemis 1 Moon Rocket.

Now, NASA is making ready its Artemis 1 vehicle for final preparatory testing and readiness for launch ahead of its set maiden flight at the end of 2022.

Artemis 1 Launch Date

NASA recently makes a target to launch Artemis 1 between 23 August 2022 and 6 September 2022, but work remains to be done before the 1st flight that may affect future schedules.

Recent testing has discovered leaking hydrogen emission line connections that require repair by VAB.

Artemis 1- Hydrogen Leak

VAB will inspect the rockets for final inspection and test and buildup of the Flight Termination System.

At the WDR countdown demo test on June 20, the cryogenic tank filled to capacity with a 10-minute end countdown sequence until it stopped at T-29 seconds.

Recent Testing

Thermal conditioning prior to the launch of the four RS-25 engines in the phase couldn’t be finished due to a hydrogen leak from one of the TSMU's liquid hydrogen rapid disconnects couplings in the core phase.

In addition to announcing the completion of WDR testing, NASA has also planned to manage separate tests of the thrust vector control system on the 2 SLS solid rocket boosters.

Artemis 1 Moon Rocket- 3rd Test

The 3rd test was made on 14 April without charge at ICPS. In this test, the GN2 delivery line again experienced some problems, further delaying the test.

However, this attempt shows that LH2 and LOX can be loaded in the core phase, which show a slight improvement over previous WDR tests.