Biden and Saudi Crown Prince

Last week, in the warm courtyard of Israeli presidential residence, President Joe Biden recalled his "great enthusiasm" for Jewish state when he was a senator 50 years ago.

The next day, at the first meeting with Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman, no one would have thought that Biden was warm.

For the crown prince, the conference marked the legitimacy of the United States.

President Biden officials have seized the opportunity to clear Khashoggi of the assassination and worked to convey the idea that Saudi Arabia is the key to bringing down fuel prices.

Biden and the Crown Prince sponsored a choreography summit aimed at repairing the relationship, avoiding the suggestion that Mr. Biden was too intimate or flattering.

The goal is clear. The United States is turning the page and avoiding things that endanger continued oil production.

The Saudi play has provoked hypocritical tirades from households and Gulf activists and allies who say Biden must deal with power shortages.

Biden left Saudi Arabia on Saturday but was undecided on ramping up production to ease fuel pump pain.

Crude oil prices are down about 17% since Biden announced his visit to Saudi Arabia in June. This is because concerns about a recession outweighed concerns about supply.