Blake Lemoine

Google has dismissed Blake Lemoine, a software engineer in the AI development team of Google, for publicly claiming to have spoken to a robot that became "sentient."

Google has also verified the dismissal of Blake Lemoine, saying he contradicted privacy and employment policies.

Blake Lemoine- Google

Blake Lemoine- LaMDA

Google, which fired software engineer Blake Lemoine last month, said he claimed the allegation on LaMDA, which was “wholly unfounded” and dishonored company policy.

Google is a famous leader in innovative AI technology, including LaMDA. Such technologies acknowledge the written stimulation by searching patterns in large amounts of text.

Blake Lemoine- AI

Blake Lemoine- Google Employees

Many Google senior employees were quick to claim that Lemoine is wrong by saying that LaMDA is just a difficult algorithm created to produce persuasive human language.

Big Technology, a social and technology newsletter, first reported the news of Lemoine's firing.

Blake Lemoine- newsletter

Blake Lemoine- Timnit Gebru

AI ethics pioneer Timnit Gebru left Google in December 2020. According to her, she realized "constantly dehumanized."

The unexpected withdrawal has drawn criticism from the tech community, including the ethical AI team of Google.

Blake Lemoine- AI Team 

Blake Lemoine- Margaret Mitchell

AI ethical team head of Google Margaret Mitchell was fired in early 2021 after her candid comments on Gebru.