Charles Allan Hill was a most popular American famous actor, writer, comedian, and member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin.

Charlie Hill

On 6 July 1951, Charles Allan Hill was born in Detroit, Michigan, the U.S. He died on 30 December 2013. He was 62 years old.

Age of Charles Hill

Charlie Hill- Birmingham

He lives in Birmingham. He wrote multiple poems, short stories pamphlet, a memoir, a novella, and two novels.

He was a most famous actor, writer, and comedian.

Occupation of Hill

Charlie Hill Children

1) Nabahe Hill 2) Nanabah Hill 3) Nasbah Hill,  4) Dine' Nizhoni Hill

On 30 December 2013, Charles Hill died in Oneida, Wisconsin, due to lymphoma.

Charlie Hill Cause of Death

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