Last week a chess-playing robot grab and  broke children's fingers at a game in Russia. This whole incident was filmed by the CCTV camera.

According to Russian media reports, the robot was disordered by the movement of a seven years old boy and grasped his finger.

On 19 July, this sad incident happened at the Moscow Open. According to Lazarev, the association had already leased robots from July 13-21 for the event.

According to Lazarev, the machine has been rented out at multiple events without incident, but the boy moved too quickly after making a move which was the cause of the incident.

Baza Telegram channel posted the video of this incident. The name of the affected boy is Christopher. According to Baza, Christopher is one of the top 30 chess players in the Moscow U-9 group.

The incident video displays a robot consisting of an articulated robotic arm and a "hand" between the table encircled by three different chessboards.

Video made with a camera on the shoulder of the boy shows the robot first picking up pieces from the chessboard and placing them in a side box used to store discarded pawns.

Meanwhile, the boy started the next move. However, the robot seemed to mistake the boy's finger for a chess piece and grasped it instead.

After grabbing finger of the boy, the robot's arm froze, catching the boy, who panicked. A few seconds later, he was freed from the robot's control as some people around the table rushed to help him.