China and Taiwan Relations

The officials familiar with the United States and associated intelligence told Fox News that China could invade Taiwan in the next eighteen months.

Two former officials said intelligence sources informed that China is looking at potential opportunities for an amphibian attack and military assault on Taiwan during this period.

Taiwan- officials

Taiwan- Nancy Pelosi

An ex-senior of the Trump administration stated that the tour of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan might be used as an "excuse" for China to step up its attacks on Taiwan.

Former US Indo-Pacific Command commander General Philip Davison stated the previous year that China might attack Taiwan in the next 6 years.

Taiwan- Philip Davison

Taiwan- President Xi Jinping

The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party will be held in November, and China's President Xi Jinping is supposed to be re-elected.

Officials worried that the attack on Taiwan could happen before the upcoming president takes office in 2025.

Attack on Taiwan

Taiwan- Biden administration

The officials in the current Biden administration stated that the condition is fluid, and the US is closely watching as China prepares for a "potential escalation."

The official said that the Biden administrator is waiting to see how things unfold in the next months and how far Beijing goes.

Taiwan- Beijing

China-America Relationships

Officials add more, they are closely monitoring how the growing threat would affect China-America relationships, Taiwan, and key industries that could be affected.