In Birmingham, the Commonwealth Games will launch at 8:30 on Friday under the rising sun.

Commonwealth Games

Even games played with limited specific players from some countries will have excessive heartwarming moments and performances.

Commonwealth Games- heartwarming

Commonwealth Games- athleticism

The athleticism who will rarely get the chance to shine on such an immense stage is complemented by their sporting excellence.

Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family remain the head of the federation and are often able to unite the country under one roof gracefully.

Commonwealth Games- Queen Elizabeth

Commonwealth Games- Olympic

Tom Daley, a famous Olympic diver, sentenced homophobia in the Commonwealth of nations ahead of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Most of the Commonwealth nations are previous colonies, and 14 (without Great Britain) are still officially run by the British Empire.

Commonwealth- British Empire

Commonwealth Games- Britain

The world has changed a lot since the last Commonwealth Games four years ago, and this is a mainly personage time for the Games to return to Britain.

Commonwealth Games grow on the field, in pool, and on track. Whether in front of a crowd or not or in selective competitions around world, sport is always tense.

Commonwealth Games-competition

Commonwealth- positive sides

Other positive sides that are worth noting, from inclusion of athletes with disabilities, to gender equality in medal events and relationships between athletes.