The average price of electric cars in the US reached $66,000 last month, up more than 13% year over year.

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One of the largest objections to electric cars is their high cost. Even with subsidies, most customers cannot afford electric cars.

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Honestly, maximum latest electric cars aren't the best option for most people. Electric vehicles are chasing the new car market.

The fact that many carmakers are entering EV space starting in more expensive section has also resulted in higher average EV prices. Nowadays, the parts of EVs are also costly.

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A new report detailing average car prices in the United States is released by Kelley Blue Book. They reported that the median price of EB rose 13.7% to $66,000.

That's too much year-after-year increase that's in line with price increases in the large auto market, up 12.7% over the last month to $48,043.

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Average price difference of $18,000 isn't a good comparison as there are more models of gas-powered cars than electric cars, and they lean to be luxurious and premium.

KBB has revealed the average commercial price for each brand; Tesla has been high by almost 12% since the previous year.

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These price increases are not attributable to the electric vehicle market. Inflation has a tremendous impact on almost every industry.