Faradair Aerospace

Faradair is the pioneering Hybrid Electric Regional Aircraft design creation company in the UK. Faradair plans to make a hybrid-electric aircraft for the local aeronautics market. 

This new electric aircraft will have a maximum of 19 seats and will be powered by a fan powered by an electric motor. A small gas turbine will supply the required power.

Faradair- Electric Plane

It will have three wing layers to permit take-off and landing from short runways. Despite its state-of-the-art aerodynamics, it bears a close similarity to a World War One fighter plane.

Company's CEO, Neil Cloughley, believes aircraft will have fewer rotating parts and will be cheaper to operate than a normal propeller aircraft. It also will be quieter.

Faradair Aerospace- Cloughley

He said Faradair's design would allow short journeys between cities like Manchester and London for £25 each way. This is cheaper than the cost of a train ticket. We plan to fly the aircraft by 2025.

On the other hand, in more remote and distant areas, these aircraft may provide a transportation base from small runways, evading large investments in roads and railways.

Faradair Aerospace- aircraft

California-based start-up Wright Electric plans to have a 100-seat all-electric aircraft in service by mid-century. It may be based on existing Bae146, with its 4 engines replaced by electric motors.

The Easyjet-affiliated company stated that the plane will be used for a one-hour flight and can accommodate routes including Hong Kong-Taipei, New York-Washington, and London-Paris.

Faradair- Aircraft electrification

Aircraft electrification is tough because even the best batteries have far less energy than conventional aviation fuel and are too heavy for long-haul power airlines.