Elon Musk has rejected having a relationship with Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s wife, Nicole Shanahan.

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At the end of the weekend, the Wall Street Journal wrote that Musk had a relationship with Sergey Brin’s wife in December 2021 which was the reason for their divorce.

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In the latest tweet, Elon Musk called the report "total nonsense" and said he and Brin are still friends and accompanied the party the night before.

Musk said, "I've only seen Nicole twice in three years, both times with many other people around. Nothing romantic."

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According to a court document filed by the Wall Street Journal in California, Brin filed for divorce in January over an uncompromising difference with Shanahan.

According to Journal, Brin and Musk have been friends for a long time. In 2008, Brin provided around $500,000 when Tesla had financial difficulties.

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Musk apparently knelt in front of Brin at a party the previous year and asked for a pardon over the affair.

Brin resigned as chairman of Google's parent Alphabet (GOOGL) in 2019. He founded a search engine with Larry Page in 1998.

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Elon Musk is the richest person in the world. He has about $253.4 Billion net worth.