Elon Musk Twitter deal

Elon Musk contradicted Twitter's quick trail request over his strategy to dismiss a $44 billion deal with a social media company Twitter.

On Friday, Musk filed a complaint against Twitter's request to expedite his trial to end up his $44 billion agreement with the social media company.

In a filing filed Friday, the attorney of Elon Musk complained that the unreasonable request of Twitter to expedite the merger process within two months must be dismissed.

On Tuesday, Twitter took legal action against Musk for breaking the agreement to purchase Twitter, asking a Delaware court to order the union at an agreed cost of $54.20/share.

The merger deal with Musk ends October 25, for which the company has requested a process start in September.

The announcement comes as Musk and his legal attorney question Twitter's inner estimates that fake and spam accounts account for less than 5 percent of its original users.

The attorney of Musk says the dispute is important to Twitter's value, focuses on facts and experts, and will take a long time for discovery.

Musk's attorney has asked for a trial after February 13 next year. However, Twitter didn’t instantly respond to an appeal for comment.

However, if the process is delayed for so long, the transaction could fall through as the bank's promised debt package matures in April 2023.