EU countries have agreed to remove CO2 emissions from the upcoming cars by 2035, indicating the end of the IC engine era.

Diesel and Petrol Cars

The environment ministers agreed on the proposal after the Italy, Ferrari NV, withdrew a request to postpone the EU carmaker's fleet cleaning plan by 5 years.

Italy's Green Transition Minister, Roberto Cingolani asked his colleagues on Tuesday, he was “satisfied” with Germany's planned commitment to utilizing carbon-neutral fuels after 2035.

The contract sets the negotiating position of member states for future negotiations with EU Commission and Parliament on the final form that EU calls for Fit for 55 landmark greenhouse gas reduction programs.

European Union officials are already advocating a fossil-fuel phase-out in the automobile industry, and most automakers may switch to produce electric models within a decade or more.

2035 is the year until European Commission has made a goal for significant emissions reduction and longer exceptions for small automakers.

Germany recommended a non-binding amendment to the Motor Vehicle Emissions Act and called on the commission to suggest the registration of vehicles with fully carbon-neutral fuel after 2035.

Ministers also decided to approve the main parameters of the comprehensive carbon market reform planned by the commission.

It includes a 61% emission reduction in cap-and-trade programs from 2005 levels by 2030.