Heathrow Airport

The London Heathrow Airport said on Tuesday it will cap the number of departing passengers per day to 100,000 by mid-September in response to staff shortages and business disruptions.

Heathrow Airport CEO John Holland Kay has also ordered the Heathrow airlines to stop selling new tickets from the airport over the summer.

Holland-Kaye said the airport couldn't handle more than 100,000 departures a day, which averages just short of the 104,000 estimates.

This move follows similar actions at nearby Gatwick and Amsterdam airports.

Similar moves have been seen at London's Gatwick Airport and Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, where the industry is facing a historic rebound due to the pandemic.

The airport estimates that the airline currently plans to move 104,000 passengers per day off the runway in the summer.

About 1,500 tickets a day exceed the new limits at Heathrow Airport, and those passengers will need to reschedule, refund, or re-route.

The new limits were set after airport staff analyzed the number of check-in staff, baggage handlers, and other workers currently employed there.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines, one of the UK's largest airlines, said in a statement that it is ready to offer its full flight schedule this summer.