Chinese Huawei

The Chinese government wanted to provide $100 million in 2017 to set up a lush Chinese garden in the US at the National Arboretum.

The project, which had a 70-foot white pagoda, pavilions, and temples, excited the local officials who expected to engage millions of tourists each year.

Huawei- White Pagoda

Huawei- United States

However, when the counterintelligence department of the United States started to investigate the facts, they saw many red flags.

They said the pagoda is located strategically in Washington, D.C., at one of highest points and located only 2 miles from US Capitol, an ideal location to collect secret information.

Huawei- Washington

Huawei- FBI

One of the FBI's biggest concerns is a Chinese Huawei device installed in a cell tower near a military base in the United States’ rural Midwest.

FBI has found out that the device can disrupt and detect highly sensitive Pentagon communications, according to sources well known with the situation.

Huawei- Pentagon

Huawei- Findings

Despite widespread alarms about the device of Huawei near a United States military base, its stats and the investigation findings have not been described in public.

Proving that a given data package was stolen and sent abroad is technically very difficult, say people with knowledge of the issue.

Huawei- Data Package

Huawei- Chinese Government

Any effort to spy on the US is refused by the Chinese government. Huawei also refuses that the device can function on any communications spectrum assigned to the Pentagon.