The Pentagon recently successfully tested two diverse hypersonic missile systems. On Wednesday, this was announced by US Air Force and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Hypersonic Missile

The AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW) succeeded Tuesday in the second series of tests after a series of tests failed earlier in the program.

Hypersonic Missile- ARRW

Hypersonic Missile- hypersonic speed

An Air Force program, the ARRW is a thrust and glide system that exercises rockets to speed up a missile to hypersonic speeds before unleashing a hypersonic glider.

Hypersonic weapon development is a top priority for Pentagon in the Russia and China competition, but the program had a bad test history, failing three consecutive tests before succeeding in May.

Hypersonic Missile- US Air Force

The US Air Force didn’t explain the ARRW's speed or flight distance but said the missile reached supersonic speed and hit primary and secondary targets.

The Air Force will start the 1st test of the entire system, known as the all-up-round test, at the end of this year.

Hypersonic Missile- 1st test

Hypersonic Missile- OpFires missile

In addition to successfully testing of the ARRW, the US has also successfully tested the OpFires missile.

The US Department of Defense put more stress on developing hypersonic weapons after officials feared the US was sinking behind Russia and China’s programs.

Hypersonic Missile- Russia and China

Hypersonic Missile- China

Last year, China effectively tested a hypersonic weapon that orbits the earth before hitting a target.