Ida Bell Wells-Barnett was a famous American educator, writer, and investigative journalist. She was a founder of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People).

Ida B. Well

She was a civil rights and feminist activist. She wrote many articles and pamphlets and attended many college seminars to increase awareness of social problems.

Ida B. Wells cause of Publicity

Ida B. Wells- a veteran writer

She fought against violence, racism, and sexism. Wells Burnett, as a veteran writer, utilized her journalist skill to expose African Americans' plight across South.

On 16 July 1862, she was born on the Bolling Farm near Holly Springs, Mississippi. She was 68 years old. 16 July 2022, Saturday, is the 160th birthday of Ida B. Wells.

Ida B. Wells Age

Ida B. Wells's Father

Ida B. Wells was the firstborn child of James Madison Wells. When she was 16 years old, she lost her brother and both parents due to the yellow fever epidemic of 1878.

Ferdinand L. Barnett married Ida b Wells in Chicago. The couple had four children: Charles A. Barnett, Herman Kohlsaat Barnett, Ida B. Barnett, and Alfreda Barnett.

Ida B. Wells Husband and Children

Ida B. Wells Cause of Death

On 25 March 1931, Wells died in Chicago due to kidney disease. He left a legacy of political and social engagement. In 2020, she received the Pulitzer Prize award.

1) On 16 July 1862, she was born. 2) On 1Jan 1878, she loses her parents and 10-month-old brother.  3) On 4 May 1884, faced the Southwestern Railroad incident.

Ida B Wells's life Events

4) On 1 January 1889, she became a Newspaper Editor. 5) On 27 May 1892, her newspaper office was destroyed. 6) On 13 June 1895, she married Ferdinand Barnett. 7) On 25 March 1931, she died.