iPhone 14

iPhone 14 of the Apple is approximately 2 months away, and the leaked pictures reveal everything from their screen size to price.

Apple plans to launch a cheaper version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in September, rumored to be called the "iPhone 14 Max."

iPhone 14 size

According to reports, Apple is modifying its 2022 iPhone size, and Apple will phase out the 5.4-inch iPhone mini as it proves non-popular with customers.

Apple is making a strategy to make the larger iPhone for its leading devices.

Notch of iPhone 14

As of 2017, iPhones with Face ID contain a notch on the front. The 2022 iPhone 14 Pro model is likely to remove the notch for a new design.

This model may have a titanium frame instead of a stainless-steel frame, allowing for a reshaped speaker and microphone grille.

iPhone 14 Pro Model Fame


The iPhone Pro model may have an 8K video recording capacity with 48-megapixel camera, but the standard iPhone 14 model doesn't have these features.

According to sources, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro may be available in purple color.

iPhone 14 Color

It's not confirmed, but some rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models will come in purple shades with a unique finish.  

As of 2022, high-end iPhone models could feature a vapor chamber (VC) cooling system. Higher-end iPhones require a VC cooling system.

iPhone 14 Cooling System