iPhone Apps

The android and iPhone mobiles have multiple apps. Different apps have different functions. 

Apps improve the functionality of your mobile. Following are the major apps that you must have on your iPhone.


Apollo is one of the best iPhone apps. It is easy to use and highly customizable. You can modify the look of your app by excluding unwanted subsections and words.

Waze is best when you are driving your vehicle. This is the best source to get the latest update about traffic conditions like accidents and factors to evade on the road.



It is one of the best iPhone apps for getting the latest news from different sources. Almost all world-famous personalities use Twitter to promote their business.

It is a best app. Most of my Facebook friends live on Instagram, but it is a best photo-sharing app. On Instagram, people also share their happy moments' photos like meals, and vacations.


Google Map

Google Maps app improved significantly in iOS 13 later this year, but for now, it is the perfect app for getting around and discovering locations.

It is the best suitable Apple app to work or chatting with colleagues. There is probably no team communication tool as good as Slack.



It is an ideal app for editing photos. You can easily use it and easily create little adjustments.