On Friday, Israel attacked Gaza, which killed 9 people, including a senior militant, and injured 55, Palestinian officials said.

Israeli strikes in Gaza

Islamic Jihad stated that the Israeli attack killed Tayseer Al Jabari. He was one of the senior commanders of Islamic Jihad.

Gaza: Islamic Jihad

Gaza and Israel

Gaza and Israel have fought four wars and multiple smaller fights in the past 15 years. Israel has been cruelly killing Palestinians from a long time.

Due to the Israeli attacks, 55 injured were injured, and 9 people were killed, including a 5 years old girl, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Gaza- Palestinian Ministry of Health

Gaza City- Smoke

After the attack, smoke started to came out from 7th floor of Gaza City building. A civil defense team reached on-site to remove people from the building and extinguish the fire.

Israel targeted multiple areas across Gaza. Israeli investigation drones are hovering over the surrounded territory.

Gaza- Israeli Drone

Gaza- Attacks

The attacks also hit the southern districts of Rafah and Khan Younis, and Al Shuja’iya municipality.

Hamas, the activist group that handles Gaza, criticized the Israeli attack on Gaza.

Gaza- Hamas

The attacks came after Israeli forces arrested the senior Islamic Jihad commander, Bassam al-Saadi, in a search in the oppressed West Bank town of Jenin on Monday night.

The Israeli military said that a 17-year-old Palestinian with ties to Islamic Jihad was killed in a shootout with Israeli soldiers during the operation.

Gaza- Palestinian