On Thursday, former US President Trump's first wife, Ivana Trump, died due to "blunt impact injuries."

Ivana Trump

Ivana Marie Trump was a famous Czech-American model, author, fashion designer, media personality, and businesswoman. In 1977, she married former US President Donald Trump.

Ivana Marie Trump

Ivana Trump Age

On 20 February 1949, Ivana Trump was born in the Moravian city of Gottwaldov. On 14 July 2022, she died at the age of 73 years. She died in Manhattan, New York City, US.

Marie Zelníčková and Miloš Zelníček were the parents of Ivana Zelníčková. Her mother was a telephone operator, and her father was an electrical engineer.

Ivana Trump Parents

Ivana Trump Children

She married Donald Trump in 1977. They had three children: 1) Eric 2) Ivanka 3) Donald Jr.

She married four times. She married Alfred Winklmayr to secure her Austrian nationality. In 1977, she married Donald Trump. In 1992, they divorced.

Ivana Trump Husbands

In 1995, Ivana Trump married Riccardo Mazzucchelli. In 1997, she divorced Riccardo Mazzucchelli. She married Italian actor and model Rossano Rubicond.

Ivana Trump was a famous model and businesswoman. The net worth of Ivana Trump was $100 million at the time of her death.

Ivana Trump's Net Worth

Ivana Trump Cause of Death

Media reports show Ivana Trump died after falling stairs in her New York apartment. On Friday, medical examiner said she died after a fall resulting in blunt impact injuries.