On Wednesday, Senator Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer publicized an agreement on healthcare and energy bills. This is a breakthrough after more than a year of repeated failed negotiations.

On Thursday, solar energy stocks soared after this agreement on energy and healthcare bills.

Joe Manchin- Solar Energy Stocks

Joe Manchin- Deal

The deal is a major turning point for Joe Manchinas health, and climate legislation is expected to be signed in early August.

Suppose the Democrats pass the bill in the House, and the Senate parliamentarian is subpoenaed to permit it to be accepted over the straight party lines in the budget process.

Joe Manchin- Democrats

Joe Manchin- Transaction

The transaction involves several democratic goals. Not many details were given, but the bill will invest $369 billion in energy and climate projects.

According to the factsheet, the goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030.

Joe Manchin- Factsheet

Joe Manchin- Medicare

For the 1st time, Medicare has the authority to discuss the price of particular drugs and cap the co-payment to $2,000 for those on Medicare drug plans.

This important message for Congress came at a vital time as the Senate is more than a week away from the start of the month-long hiatus during which many Democrats will run for re-election.

Joe Manchin- semiconductor

The news was revealed after the Senate passed another bill on investing $52 billion in US semiconductor manufacturing. This will be presented in the House this week.