The American actor Johnny Depp is written a song about the lengthy and highly broadcasted defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp wrote two songs with British guitarist Baker for the album ‘ignited our youthful spirit and creativity.’

Johnny Depp- Baker

This song, which will be released on 15th July, is one of two songs by an actor from a partnership album called 18.

The Sunday Times reported that Depp sang with Baker, “I think you’ve said enough for one motherfucking night.”

Depp- Tour of Europe

During the defamation trial, Depp attached to Baker on stage at several United Kingdom concerts and is also making a plan to take the stage at Baker's upcoming tour of Europe.

Depp joined TikTok in June 2022, where he publicized a video clip from his fresh trip to UK with Jeff Beck with a caption to thank "most treasured, loyal and unwavering supporters."

Johnny Depp- TikTok

In June, he won the trial, and the judges admitted that Heard had insulted Johnny Depp when she wrote in the Washington Post in 2018 that he was a domestic violence survivor.

Amber Heard didn't mention Depp's name in the article, but her advocate claimed she falsely implied that he sexually and physically abused her during their marriage.

Depp- Amber Heard

Heard is trying to re-appeal the verdict.