On Thursday, Italy Prime Minister Mario Draghi handed his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi

The resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi forces the country for new elections and opens new discussions in political uncertainty and spelling troubles for the country.

Mario Draghi resignation

Mario Draghi- Parliament

Addressing Parliament, Draghi spoke to President Sergio Mattarella and said he would brief him on his purposes after failing to unite the brittle alliance government.

In the previous week, President Mattarella didn’t accept the first resignation of Draghi and urged him to engage in further negotiations with politicians to avoid early elections.

President Mattarella

Prime Minister Mario Draghi- Senate

Draghi resigned after an attack by alliance partners in a no-confidence motion in the Senate on Wednesday, which indicated that the government had been distorted.

Left-wing Five Star Movement, one of the coalition parties, said it wouldn't take part despite successful vote. Forza Italia and ruling Lega parties also stated same.

Mario Draghi- Forza Italia party

Mario Draghi- President

The President, who has accepted Draghi's resignation, said that presidential palace would meet with speakers of Parliament for net move on Thursday afternoon.

Italy's main stock market, the FTSEMIB, fell more than 2.5 percent on Thursday after the government of the country teetered on the edge of collapse.

Mario Draghi- FTSEMIB

Mario Draghi- Protests

After Draghi offered his resignation last Thursday, some protests called for Draghi to remain in office, and polls show most Italians want to see him in office.