Minuteman III Missile

America has postponed the long-planned Minuteman III missile test amid concerns over the angry reaction of China to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

The US postponed test flights of the Minuteman III unarmed ICBM as Beijing conducted military exercises in Taiwan.

US Minuteman III Missile

Minuteman III Missile- Taiwan

The official said that the decision was finalized due to increased PRC military activity in Taiwan.

According to the previous schedule, the tests were planned to take place from Wednesday night to Thursday. Now it has been postponed.

Minuteman III Missile Test

Minuteman III Missile- Pelosi

On Thursday, China fired multiple rockets into the waters off Taiwan's northeast and southwest coasts, fulfilling a promise to pay for Pelosi's accommodation in Taipei.

It is not the 1st time in recent months that the US has postponed missiles testing due to geopolitical incidents.

Minuteman III Missile- Geopolitical

This is the 2nd postponement in testing the missile test. In early March, Lloyd Austin ordered the postponement of a planned test to defuse tensions over the Russian assault on Ukraine.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin canceled a scheduled Minuteman III ICBM test to evade misleading or potentially misleading action amid rising tensions with Russia.


Minuteman III- America

At the same time, America is pursuing a one-China policy but pursuing a strategic ambiguity towards Taiwan and pledging to help Taiwan defend itself against China.