The US House Spokesperson Nancy Pelosi decides to tour Asia after arrival in Hawaii and see the USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor Memorial.

Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi's office said, she will tour four Asian countries, including South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Pelosi- Asian countries

Pelosi- Taiwan

The announcement didn’t mention Taiwan, although recently rumor that Pelosi maybe schedules a visit to the independent democracy of 24M people.

China said on Monday that if Speaker of the US House Nancy Pelosi tour Taiwan, its army "not sit idly by."

Pelosi- China

Pelosi- China Foreign Ministry

China's foreign ministry released the latest alert at a routine meeting.

Chinese Communist Party claims that Taiwan is part of its area, although it doesn’t have its control, and also warns Pelosi against touring Taiwan.

Pelosi- Chinese Communist Party

Pelosi- Hawaii

After a fuel break in Hawaii, the delegation obtained a briefing from US Indo-Pacific Command leaders, where they toured the USS Arizona and Pearl Harbor Memorial, Pelosi said.

China sees a senior United States official's tour to Taiwan as a sign of encouragement for the Taiwan pro-independence camp.

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Nancy Pelosi- Washington

Although Washington has no formal diplomatic links with Taiwan, it is required by United States law to give Taiwan the means of self-defense.