National Suicide Prevention Lifeline launches a new 988 number.

New Suicide Hotline Number

People that have mental health problems can now call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling or texting the number 988.

Suicide Hotline Number- 988

Suicide Hotline Number- SAMHSA

SAMHSA Assistant Secretary Miriam Delphin-Rittmon said that on Saturday morning, the 988 Crisis and Suicide Lifeline was launched across the US.

According to, the hotline is designed to deliver free, confidential, 24-hour emotional support to people with mental health issues across the country.

Suicide Hotline- across country

According to website, 988 number will connect the caller to an accredited crisis center in area from where the call will be made. Hotline consists of 200 regional crisis centers across the country.

SAMHSA funds the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. It has been working since 2005.

Hotline Number- SAMHSA funds

In 2020, five FCC executives voted unanimously to establish 988 as a three-digit number that Americans can dial to connect to the existing vital network of trained advisors.

In times of crisis, three-digit 988 is likely to be easier to remember than ten-digit 800 number currently maintained by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Suicide Hotline Number- 800 number

According to SAMHSA, the hotline received 3.6 million calls, chats, and texts in 2021. That number will likely double in the 1st year after the transition in 988.