Turkey's veto against NATO members Sweden and Finland was raised last month. However, President Erdogan has repeatedly threatened to block the membership bid.

Turkey- Sweden and Finland

On Monday, President Erdogan repeated that he would freeze Sweden and Finland from merging the NATO alliance if Sweden and Finland don’t pledge last month to receive Turkey's support.

Sweden and Finland decided to join NATO after decades of neutrality following Russia's attack on Ukraine, initially thwarted by their ally Turkey.

However, President Erdogan threatened not to rejoin the two bidders if they thought they would break the deal. Erdogan said that Sweden is "not showing a good image" at the moment.

What Turkey expects from agreement?

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, public support for NATO membership increased in both Finland and Sweden.

The offers initially announced by Finland and Sweden were welcomed by NATO and most of its members, but Turkey blocked what many saw as a speedy process.

Turkey- NATO

Turkey- President Erdogan

President Erdogan alleged both countries support Kurdish militants and deliver refuge to refugees from Turkey.

As part of the deal, Erdogan previously announced that Sweden would deport 73 people to Turkey for trial. Sweden rejected to accept such trials.

The Scandinavian country has taken in people fleeing harassment in Turkey. Many of Erdogan's opponents are regularly jailed on suspicion that they are often seen as counterfeiters.