According to a US Army statement, the Netherlands and American troops signed an agreement on Wednesday to mutually develop a Future Vertical Lift (FVL) project in the Netherlands.

The deal is 2nd effort of the US Army to sign a military agreement with European allies after the army, and UK shook hands in February to ensure consistency between future helicopter platforms.

FVL plans to develop and assemble a new generation of helicopters and other low-level aircraft with modern technology and features.

Assistant Secretary of the Army Douglas Bush said the deal would give the United States and its allies an advantage over their opponents.

This deal permits the two countries to work together on modernizing aviation.

The US Army has focused on finding FVL competencies, including Department of Defense programs such as Future Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA), and FLRAA.

One of Army Future Command's primary modernization missions is FVL which leads the procurement of critical programs for many services.

According to the Army's Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Justification Document, the army will use $3.6B on FLRAA and $3.1B on developing FARA over the next five years.

Last month, Netherlands signed a settlement memo with five other NATO allies (the UK, Greece, Germany, France, and Italy) and invested $28 million in NGRC program.