The US Justice Department and FBI recently disturbed the actions of a North Korean government-sponsored hacking group that was using ransomware to target US hospitals.

US Justice Department

The Justice Department has recovered around $500,000 that North Korean government-sponsored hackers smuggled out of US medical facilities or utilized to launder money.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said that Last year, North Korean hackers attacked a Kansas medical center and encrypted a computer system that facility was dependent on to run critical equipment.

According to Monaco, US officials have begun returning the wrested money to the victims.

In a speech, Monaco urged organizations affected by ransomware to report the crimes to law enforcement agencies to assist affected companies in getting back their ransom funds.

US agencies said in a public advisory that series of ransomware attacks originating in North Korea, where hackers funded the administration or worked for their benefit, disturbed health services.

According to Monaco, a report from a Kansas facility permitted the FBI to recognize a new kind of ransomware being used by North Koreans.

The case illustrates US law enforcement's challenges in recovering millions of dollars that US companies paid to ransomware groups in Eastern Europe, Russia, etc.

Law enforcement officials hope for cooperation by the victims to better understand how the ransomware group destroyed critical US infrastructure in a ruthless attack.