Oskar Sala was a German physicist, composer, and inventor of electronic music. Sala was very popular for playing an instrument known as the Trautonium, a pioneer of the synthesizer.

Oskar Sala

On 18 July 1910, Oskar Sala was Born in Greiz, Germany. He died on 26 February 2002. He was 92 years old. On 18 July, Google Doodle honored Sala on his 112th birth anniversary.

Oskar Sala Age

Oskar Sala Popularity

Sala is popular in electronic music and for making sound effects for films, radio, and television using the trautonium. He renovated the Trautonium into Mixtur-Trautoniumin 1948.

He loved music since his childhood. The mother of Sala was a singer. According to Google, he started composing and writing songs at age of 14 using tools such as the piano and violin.

Sala Early Life

Oskar Sala- Google

From early age, he was interested in tone color and options of trautonium. Google said in a post that his passion to learn trautonium led him to learn composition and physics.

He studied physics at University of Berlin, further expanding their mathematical and scientific knowledge. The physics and composition study led him to create mixture trautonium.

Oskar Sala- Physics

Oskar Sala has received numerous awards for his excellent work, met numerous artists, and was praised in film and radio. He donated his trautonium to German Museum for Contemporary Technology in 1995.

Google tweeted on Sala's 112th birth anniversary, “Take a beat to celebrate German electronic composer Oskar Sala’s 112th birthday.

Oskar Sala- Google tweet

He developed & played the mixture-trautonium, which introduced a unique sound to television, radio & film.”