A polio case has been confirmed in New York. This is the first case after almost ten years.

Polio- New York

According to state and county health officials, a local of Rockland County was confirmed of polio case about 36 miles north of New York City.

Polio- Rockland County

Polio- Associated Press

According to the Associated Press, the patient is no longer observed infectious but has settled paralysis.

A test performed by the State Department of Health laboratory verified that the patient was already vaccinated with the oral polio vaccine, which is no longer available in the US.

Polio- United States

Polio Symptoms

Polio caused by the poliovirus is an infectious disease. About a quarter of those infected had symptoms like stomach pain, headache, tiredness, nausea, fever, and sore throat.

In 1955 polio vaccine was introduced, and because of the high immunization rate, the late 1950s and early 1960s reduced the number of cases.

Polio Vaccine

Polio- Infectious Virus

Polio is a highly infectious virus that may cause severe hurt to the spine and muscles and is usually transmitted orally through saliva or feces.

According to the CDC, approximately 72% have no obvious symptoms, and about 25% have symptoms like flu such as tiredness, fever, and nausea.

Polio- CDC

Polio Treatment

Polio doesn’t have treatment. Cure to manage symptoms may include physical therapy to activate the muscles and medications to relax the muscles and hyperthermia.