President Biden and Yair Lapid

On Thursday, Israeli PM Yair Lapid pushed President Biden to go beyond his public commitment to stopping Iran from ever obtaining a nuclear weapon. 

Yair Lapid declared that all democratic nations must promise to action if the Iranians resume “to develop their nuclear program.”

Israeli PM Yair Lapid

A show of determination by Israel and the United States could also give Biden a boost as he resumes his trip to Saudi Arabia on Friday.

President Biden- Riyadh 

Riyadh has its concerns about Iran, and US President expects to achieve a reconciliation between Israel and Saudi Arabia with help from the United States.

Iran contracted an international agreement limiting potential bomb production projects in 2015. Israel welcomed it in 2018 when President Trump pulled out of deal.

President Trump- Iran

Since then, Iran has stormed up some of its nuclear activities and signaled efforts by world powers to return to the deal at the Vienna talks.

Israel now says it will support the new agreement with tougher terms. Iran is reluctant to agree to further restrictions.

Iran- Israel

President Biden- Gulf Arab

Some Gulf Arab and Israeli officials believe easing sanctions on the deal will give Iran more funds to help proxy forces in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon.

The officials of Some Gulf Arabs and Israel also suspect that the Biden administration will do much to quash the local activities of Iran.

President Biden- Israel