President Biden

According to the White House, on Thursday, US President Joe Biden tested positive for the coronavirus and is facing mild symptoms.

According to a statement, antiviral Paxlovid is used for treating Biden, and he is fully vaccinated.

President Biden- Paxlovid

According to Dr. Ashish Jha, President Biden is highly tired and has a dry cough and a runny nose. He added more that President went to bed, but he couldn’t sleep well.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden tested negative for Covid-19, but on Thursday, he tested positive. This is the first time he is tested positive for Covid.

President Biden- Covid-19

President Biden- Pennsylvania

He also canceled a Thursday's visit to Pennsylvania because of his health but tried to convey a sense of the White House residence's normal business isolation.

Biden also Tweeted about his health. The tweet had a photo of Biden smiling without a mask at the desk of the White House residence.

President Biden- tweet

Jill Biden

Jill Biden's spokesman said she is believed to be closely associated with and following the CDC's mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines. She tested negative for Covid-19.

Thursday is marked "Day 0" of Biden’s Covid-19 timeline. That means he will be in quarantine until, as a minimum, next Tuesday, per CDC rules.

President Biden- Day 0

President Biden- White House

According to the White House, President is in contact with White House staffers by Thursday morning to attend a scheduled meeting via Zoom.