The British government is publicized the latest round of sanctions against Russian President Putin's inner circle with his cousin.

Putin's cousin hit by new British sanctions 

According to the State Department, Putin's cousin, Anna Tsivileva, and president of the leading mining company has been sanctioned.

Vladimir Potanin is one of the richest personalities in Russia. He highly supports to Putin government. The British government also sanctioned him on Wednesday due to the Ukraine war.

Vladimir Potanin

British government sanctions

The British government told that these sanctions were implemented to "weaken the Russian war machine."

The State Department said Tsivileva, who heads the famous Russian coal mining company JSC Kolmar Group, has benefited greatly due to her affiliation with the president.

A British government spokesman said: "As long as Putin continues his abhorrent assault on Ukraine, we will use sanctions to weaken the Russian war machine.

"Today's sanctions show that nothing and no one is off the table, including Putin's inner circle."

These sanctions are new in the series of sanctions executed by the British government on Russian companies and individuals.

Foreign Minister Liz Strass, who was in Madrid for the NATO conference, stated to the BBC that Russia should take responsibility for its actions.