Rudi Koertzen

Rudi Koertzen, the famous South African umpire, died at the age of 73. He was part of the ICC's elite panel. 

Rudolf Koertzen was a famous international cricket umpire. In 1981, he became a cricket umpire.

Umpire Rudolf Koertzen

Rudolf Koertzen- South Africa

He presided in his 1st Test match on December 26-29, 1992, and his 1st ODI match on December 9, 1992. Both matches were played between India and South Africa.

In 1997, ICC declared him a full-time ICC umpire. When the Elite Panel of ICC Umpires was established in 2002, he became its original member.

Rudolf Koertzen- ICC Umpire

Koertzen- ICC's elite panel of umpire

Rudolf Koertzen was a member of the ICC's elite panel of umpires for 8 years. He performed umpiring roles in 331 international matches.

After retirement from international umpiring, Rudolf Koertzen wrote a book with Chris Schoeman, Slow Death: Memoirs of a Cricket Umpire.

Rudi Koertzen slow finger

Rudolf Koertzen Age

On March 26, 1949, he was born in Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa. On August 9, 2022, he died in South Africa. He was 73 years old.

Koertzen died in a car accident. H was driving his car from Cape Town to Dispatch in South Africa's Eastern Cape province.

Rudolf Koertzen Cause of Death

Jason Gillespie tribute to Koertzen

Australian great Jason Gillespie tribute to Koertzen: “RIP Rudy- very good umpire, nice man. Thoughts are with his family and friends.”