Russia- Lysychansk

On Sunday, Sergei Shoigu (Russian Defense Minister) informed President Putin that the army had fully captured Lysychansk and nearby towns.

According to Russia, on Sunday, the Russian forces got full control of the Lugansk region of eastern Ukraine after seizing Ukraine's last stronghold, Lysychansk, in a bitter battle.

Russia Vs Ukraine War 

Luhansk is the largest region that makes up Donbas in eastern Ukraine, and the conflict between Russian-sponsored protestors and Ukraine began in 2014.

The victory of this region became a major center of Russian forces' spirits in Ukraine, having previously supported his troops in Kyiv, which had not been conquered for a year.

Dominating the Lugansk region will bring Russia closer to control the Donbas completely.

However, the officials of Ukraine haven’t commented on the Russian Defense Ministry's statement.

However, Sunday morning, Ukraine troops claimed that it was still in their control, despite admitting that Russian troops were approaching.

The Russia and Ukraine war is affecting badly whole of the world. Thousands of people have been killed and cities destroyed since the Russian invasion, and Kyiv accused Moscow of targeting civilians.

On Sunday, the general staff of Ukraine told, "The Russian occupiers are launching systematic rocket attacks in the direction of Mykolaiv."