On Saturday, a Russian missile strike the port of Odesa in southern Ukraine, a day after Russia and Ukraine reached an agreement allowing large grain exports from the region to resume.

Russian Missiles

According to Ukraine media, two missiles strike the port infrastructure, and air defense shot down the other two missiles; no major damage was reported.

Russian Missile- Ukraine media

A pumping station was attacked mainly, and a small fire was caused by one of the hits. Southern Operational Command has verified that the grain store wasn’t attacked.

Ukrainian member of parliament Oleksiy Goncharenko said, there was a minimum of six explosions in Odesa.

Russian Missile- Odesa

Russian Missile- Ukraine

The day before, ministers of Russia and Ukraine made a deal allowing the export of grain from Black Sea ports of Ukraine to minimize the world's food crisis caused by the war.

Immediately after the attack started in February, the militaries of Russia blocked millions of tons of grain export from Ukrainian ports.

Russian Missile- Ukrainian Ports

Russian Missile- Kyiv Bridget Brink

The United States ambassador to Kyiv Bridget Brink called Saturday's attack shameful and said Russia should be held accountable for this.

The foreign ministry of Ukraine urged Turkey and United Nations to negotiate an agreement on Friday to ensure the promise of Russia and grant safe conduct through the grain corridor.

Russian Missile- US citizens

According to a Saturday statement by US State Department, two US citizens had been killed in the Donbas region but did not confirm whether they were fighting in Ukraine.