The Comic-Con International (San Diego Comic Convention) is a famous Californian non-profit public interest organization planned for charitable purposes.

Comic-Con International

Comic-Con International pop culture festival returns to its luxury past. Since 2019, a horde of fans and cosplayers have filled San Diego Convention Center at full throttle for first time.

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego Convention Center is filled with more than 100k fans for the celebration of famous culture. Many people wear costumes of famous filmy stars at this event.

With time, San Diego Comic-Con has grown to be the largest event of its class in the world. Many of the most profitable films are shown here.

Comic-Con History

Comic-Con- Top Gun

In 2019, Tom Cruise unexpectedly showed fans some early footage of Top Gun: Maverick, an outcome of 1986's Top Gun.

The Corona needed an effective version of Comic-Con in summer 2020 and 2021 and a reduced-in-person version in November.

Comic-Con Crowds

Comic Convention- Corona

Before starting the convention, it was unclear whether the Comic convention would be able to draw about 135,000 people who came to San Diego before the Corona.

On Wednesday night's preview, as the convention center door opened, fans were packed and surrounding the convention hall. Extreme crowds are believed when the event officially starts on Thursday.

Comic-Coming Attraction

Comic-Con is a large, star-studded panel in Hall H, seating about 6,000 people and using most of news as a venue to showcase trailers and footage from upcoming movies.