San Pedro Park

According to police, five people were injured and two killed in Sunday's shootings at a park near San Pedro in Los Angeles.

Firefighter officials said three women and four men were taken to the nearest hospital, and two were sentenced to death.

San Pedro Park- Firefighter

San Pedro Park- Police

According to police, seven people were shot, and four were taken to a local hospital and initially classified as serious.

The Los Angeles Police Commissioner investigators believe the shooting started as fighting between the two parties at Peck Park.

San Pedro Park- Peck Park

San Pedro Park- Northwestern Avenue

The incident occurred just before 4 p.m. in Peck Park on Northwestern Avenue near a car show.

The shootings took place near the show, where hundreds of people were gathering, but the shootings did not appear to have happened on the show itself, according to police.

San Pedro Park- shooting

San Pedro Park- witnesses

According to witnesses, hundreds of people had gathered at the park for car shows and other events. As soon as the ammunition sounded, people panicked and fled to ran.

According to police, the incident started when the two people got into a fight at a baseball area in the park. They said this wasn’t observed as an active shooter job.

San Pedro Park- active shooter

San Pedro Park- Data

Police closed off the area around the park while investigating the shooting. Data about the suspect among the archers were not abruptly available.