Scandinavian Airline SAS

On Tuesdays, SAS (the Scandinavian airline) said that it has filed for bankruptcy in the US to boost its reform program.

SAS pilots protested on Tuesday when the management couldn't fulfill working conditions and wages agreements.

SAS- Pilots Strike

SAS- Scheduled Flight

It is estimated that around half of SAS's scheduled flights are canceled due to a pilot strike which is disturbing about 30,000 passengers a day.

Salary negotiations between the pilots and SAS (SASDF) failed on Monday, which resulted in pilot strikes that contributed to travel unrest across Europe as the summer peak season began.

SAS- Salary

SAS Statement

SAS stated that it will continuously provide regular services to its passengers during the bankruptcy proceedings, but pilot strikes will affect reserved flights.

SAS said, "Through this process, SAS aims to reach agreements with key stakeholders, restructure the company's debt obligations, reconfigure its aircraft fleet, and emerge with a significant capital injection."

SAS- FlightAware

According to FlightAware, SAS canceled 51% of its flights as of Monday. Almost 80% of flights had been canceled by Tuesday noon.

Board Chairman of SAS said, "We are confident that the actions we are taking will strengthen SAS’ ability to capture significant opportunities ahead as industry continues to recover from pandemic."