Scholz and Macron to reignite Franco-German engine on EU-integration

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron pledged to intensify the Franco-German tandem and lead Europe on a path of reform to enable a stronger and more sovereign EU.

After Macron laid out his vision for Europe during the conclusion of the Conference on the Future of Europe on Monday (9 May), he travelled to Berlin to discuss the implementation of the recommendations for EU reform.

In light of the current challenges – especially the Russian war of aggression – the “German-French partnership and friendship is more important than ever as a motor and source of inspiration for the European project,” Scholz stated at the press conference.

Both leaders announced that they want to intensify bilateral consolations on the EU’s reform and speak with one voice.

Therefore, the two heads of state announced a joint consultation of ministers that should take place in the aftermath of the French general election in early July.

“I would like us to once again strengthen coordination at the bilateral level and for a German-French Council of Ministers to take place in the coming weeks,” Macron said.

According to analysts, this could be a game-changer.

“The Franco-German council of ministers, that is taking place after the parliamentary elections in France, could be a starting point for a relaunch of the European reconstruction,” Director of the Center for European Policy in Paris, Marc Uzan, told EURACTIV.

Both leaders agreed that the current situation requires decisive decisions. While many of the recommendations of the Future Conference would be achievable in the current treaty framework, “there are other issues that require profound change,” Macron said.

However, Scholz showed some hesitance to reiterate these ambitious goals by stating that “we would be on board” if “consensus could be found” on treaty reform.