Steelpan is a drumming instrument made from a 55-gallon steel drum that creates music as you strike various-sized indentations on the convex belly of the drum with a mallet.

Today, Google Doodle is celebrating the steelpan.

Steelpan- Google Doodle

Steelpan- Trinidad & Tobago

The steelpan was actually designed in Trinidad & Tobago. This is an instrument of rebellion and resistance and a true symbol of the T&T people.

Extensively considered to be the only large instrument created in the 20th century. In the 1930s, the Steelpan was invented on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago.

Steel Pan History

Steelpan- TASPO

On 26 July 1951, the Trinidad Steel Record Percussion Orchestra (TASPO) was executed at the British Music Festival, presenting Steelpan and new genres of music to the world.

When imprisoned Africans were transported to Trinidad by settlers in the 18th century, they brought with them their African heritage and rhythmic drumming traditions.

Steelpan- Africans

Steelpan- British government

The British government forbade drumming for fear in 1877 that it might be used to convey a message that would incite revolt.

During World War II, when Carnival was banned for safety reasons, musicians started trialing with this exclusive instrument to advance sound excellence.

Steelpan- Carnival

Steelpan- Pioneer

Pioneers and innovators like Bertie Marshall, Anthony Williams, Ellie Mannette, and Winston "Spree" Simon made the Steelpan a legitimate instrument.